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Zentrix BI transforms SAP data into useful business intelligence

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Zentrix BI offers a complete business intelligence, analytics and reporting solution for SAP business clients in as little as 30 days.

It transforms complex SAP data into easy to use data models to enable businesses to gain immediate benefits from reports, dashboards and analytics. We have simple solutions for all of your SAP analytics challenges. We leverage the latest business intelligence platforms to give you options to implement leading edge technology, gain insight from data like never before and make your workforce more efficient by providing them with the data they need and easy to use tools.

We work with corporations of all sizes no matter where you are in your analytics journey. Whether you have just implemented SAP or have been using it for many years, there is always a new challenge and Zentrix has the solution.

Agile reporting and analysis to support critical decision making

Access your data easily and get improved reporting from your SAP software to make better business decisions

Zentrix BI helps businesses access, read and interpret data from SAP in real time so you can make swift, effective, informed decisions that will directly impact the profitability of your business.

Every day we see large and small businesses struggling with analytics using the wrong tools. Entire departments of multi billion-dollar organisations relying on Excel because they don’t have an enterprise reporting solution. Businesses crippled by the cost of tools that simply don’t work or cost a fortune to implement. With Zentrix BI you can implement a powerful analytics solution for SAP in record time to increase business efficiency and be more productive through analytics, information and insight.

SAP Dashboards
Zentrix's SAP Dashboards deliver real-time, interactive visualizations of your business metrics, enabling quick, data-driven decisions. Our intuitive and customized dashboards simplify complex data, giving you clear insights to identify trends and opportunities at a glance.
SAP Analytics
Harness the full potential of your data with our SAP Analytics solutions, offering real-time analysis for informed decision-making. Simplified and powerful, these tools from Zentrix allow for effortless exploration of complex datasets, driving your business forward with actionable insights.
SAP Data Warehousing
Unlock a world of strategic opportunities with our solutions for SAP Data Warehousing, designed to consolidate your data into a single, powerful repository. This streamlined approach enables efficient analysis and reporting, providing a strong foundation for your business intelligence initiatives.
SAP Data Integration

Experience seamless SAP Data Integration as our solutions bridge the gap between disparate data sources, ensuring a cohesive and comprehensive data environment. This facilitates a smoother flow of information, allowing for more robust analytics and a unified view of your business operations.

SAP Data Extraction
Streamline your data management with efficient SAP Data Extraction tools that quickly and accurately pull critical information from various sources, setting the stage for enhanced processing and analysis.
SAP Data Migration
Simplify your transition to advanced systems with our SAP Data Migration tools, ensuring secure, accurate, and timely relocation of business data to new platforms without disrupting your operations.

Easy access to all data without impacting SAP performance

Our premium Enterprise solution delivers the insight you need to drive greater productivity and optimise performance of your business through seamless integration of SAP and Microsoft Power BI.

Take control of reporting with simple, effective solutions that turn your raw data into useful information

Simple and easy to install, producing real benefits in days.

We take the best ERP solution on the market and make it even better with easy to use SAP reporting and dashboards allowing you to get even greater return on your SAP investment.

As an SAP partner, we deliver a no nonsense solution in a way you can understand and enjoy.

No complex systems - we take the Microsoft tools you already use and make them talk to SAP to simplify and enhance the quality of information - putting you in control of reporting.

We understand our clients and their need for business intelligence capabilities

We are trusted by some of the biggest names in manufacturing, mining, logistics, government and FMCG to name a few.
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