SAP Data Warehouse

For the organisation looking to accelerate their SAP data analytics journey


Ready Made SAP Data Warehouse

Instead of starting from scratch and reinventing the wheel by building your own data warehouse, we have done all of the work for you.

There are many challenges working with SAP data which can slow your progress or halt you in your tracks. We have overcome these challenges by making all SAP data readily available in a simple to use Data Warehouse.


    Simple Business Terminology

    SAP data is complex with over 100,000 tables, unfriendly naming conventions and hard to identify relationships.

    Because of this we’ve created a user friendly Data Warehouse with simple business terminology, just the data needed and an easy to understand data model.

    What this means for you is we take away all of the frustration enabling you to get on with building reports for your business immediately.

        Fast and Easy Report Development

          With our pre built data warehouse you can start building reports immediately
          • Use any reporting tool such as Power BI, Tableau, Qlik or Zentrix BI

          • No knowledge of SAP tables required
          • Optimised for performance
          • Easily customisable
          • Include additional Non SAP data sources
          • Multi currency support

          What is SAP Data Warehousing?

          An SAP data warehouse serves as a comprehensive analytics repository, centralizing data from SAP and other sources into one accessible location. Zentrix understands the importance of this centralized approach, offering a solution to extract and consolidate data from disparate SAP applications and components. This process creates a unified platform for enhanced reporting and analytics, establishing a single source of truth for SAP-related insights.

          Whether your firm needs a singular SAP data warehouse, multiple warehouses for different analytical needs, or a diversified warehouse that incorporates both SAP and non-SAP data, Zentrix has the expertise to tailor a solution for you.


            Zentrix's Solutions for Accelerating SAP Data Warehouse Tasks

            Zentrix brings years of leadership and innovation in enterprise data integration to the forefront, offering powerful tools that simplify the access and movement of SAP data. Our high-performance data replication solutions are optimized for integration with your core SAP business applications, converting complex data structures into accessible models across various platforms.

            Our intuitive interface ensures that configuring, executing, and monitoring your data replication tasks is straightforward and user-friendly. Zentrix's unique technology allows for continuous, real-time updates to your SAP data warehouse and other data targets, keeping your business agile and informed.


              Overcoming SAP Data Management Challenges

              Zentrix offers a suite of solutions designed to address the challenges of SAP data management effectively. Our tools enable you to replicate, move, delete, or filter subsets of SAP data across your enterprise landscape with ease. With Zentrix, you can transform, copy, and synchronize SAP data to build and refresh your SAP test environments more efficiently, as well as develop and evaluate SAP HANA migration prototypes with speed and precision.


                Let’s help you take your data and performance to the next level:

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