SAP to Power BI Connection

For organisations looking to accelerate their SAP Analytics solution with Power BI


Zentrix provides a complete solution for connecting SAP to Power BI. The Zentrix platform consists of data integration, data warehousing, business intelligence and analytics in a unified platform for all reporting requirements.

Fast Results

All the hard work has been done for you. We have spent years solving all the difficult challenges encountered when using Power BI with SAP data. Our solution for moving data from SAP, off the shelf Data Warehouse, and prebuilt reports will fast track your results. Your team can be gaining insights from your SAP data in a matter of weeks.

    Real time Information

    Don’t spend days extracting data and manually preparing reports. With our proven technology you will always have accurate information at your fingertips.

    Access Power BI reports from your desktop or mobile device at any time, from anywhere and know it is always up to date.

      Off the shelf reporting for your entire business

      Kickstart your Power BI journey with our prebuilt data models and reports including:

        • Finance (GL, AP, AR, Controlling)
        • Sales
        • Procurement
        • Human Resources
        • Plant Maintenance
        • Inventory

          Challenges with other SAP to Power BI Connectors

          1. Performance Issues: Power BI's connectors for SAP, such as SAP BW and SAP HANA, can experience performance lags, especially with large datasets.

          2. Complex Setup: The setup process for connecting Power BI to SAP systems can be complex and requires detailed configuration, which can be challenging for users without deep technical knowledge.

          3. Limited Functionality: Some functionalities such as currency conversion in SAP are not readily supported in Power BI, leading to potential limitations in data manipulation and reporting.

          4. Data Refresh Restrictions: DirectQuery connections to SAP may have limitations on data refresh rates, which can impact real-time data analysis.

            sap to power bi connector

            Benefits of Using Zentrix

            • Accelerated Time-to-Insight: With Zentrix, you can rapidly set up the SAP to Power BI connection, reducing the time it takes to derive insights from your data. This agility allows your organization to respond quickly to changing business conditions.

            • Cost-Effective: By eliminating the need for custom coding and extensive IT involvement, Zentrix reduces the overall cost of integration. This makes advanced analytics more accessible to organizations of all sizes.

            • Enhanced Decision-Making: With real-time, enriched data available in Power BI, decision-makers can rely on accurate and up-to-date information. This leads to more informed and effective business strategies.

            • User Empowerment: Zentrix empowers users across the organization to take charge of their data integration needs. This democratization of data access fosters a culture of innovation and data-driven decision-making.

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              Why use Zentrix to Connect SAP to Power BI

              1. No-Code Integration: Zentrix's intuitive interface allows users to set up the SAP to Power BI connection without writing a single line of code. This empowers business analysts, data scientists, and other non-technical users to take control of their data integration processes.

              2. Out-of-the-Box Solution: Pre-configured connectors and templates make the setup process quick and straightforward. Zentrix comes with built-in support for various SAP modules and Power BI functionalities, ensuring a seamless integration experience.

              3. Real-Time Data Sync: Keep your Power BI dashboards up-to-date with real-time data synchronization. Zentrix ensures that any changes in your SAP data are reflected immediately in Power BI, providing you with the most current insights.

              4. Data Transformation and Enrichment: Zentrix offers robust data transformation capabilities, allowing you to clean, enrich, and prepare your SAP data before it reaches Power BI. This ensures that your analytics are based on high-quality, relevant data.

              5. Scalability and Performance: Designed to handle large volumes of data, Zentrix ensures that your integration is both scalable and performant. Whether you are dealing with thousands or millions of records, Zentrix can manage the load efficiently.