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Empowering people and organisations:

At Zentrix we believe that people fundamentally want to be empowered to do a better job; that inherently, they will seek to creatively solve challenges and improve performance as long as they have support and access to the necessary resources.

Our role is to empower people and organisations to build better, more impactful solutions and businesses  by providing the data and tools they need to create meaningful information and powerful business insights.

With 15 years of industry experience, the Zentrix team set out to analyse the key barriers organisations face with their data and reporting, and develop a cutting edge platform that applies methodical and critical thinking to advance business decision-making and productivity.

The Zentrix Mission

We’re here to simplify the process of implementing SAP-related data warehouses, reporting and analytic solutions through the application of modern, innovative technology and proven tools and techniques that deliver results.
Our Values:


We take pride in what we do and aim to deliver innovative solutions that exceed customers’ expectations.


We never walk away from a challenge! We always endeavour to deliver a great solution that customers are happy with.


It is in our nature to find simple solutions that will meet expectations and work reliably and efficiently within project timeframes and budgets


We love solving complex problems that require practical thinking, problem solving, innovation and engineering to create reliable solutions.


We enjoy what we do and get a kick out of hearing stories from our customers telling us that our solutions have made a positive difference to their role or business.

What our customers say about us

New Zealand Department of Corrections S4HANA Case Study

Department of Corrections - S/4HANA Upgrade The New Zealand Department of Corrections was embarking on a massive project to upgrade from SAP ECC to S/4 HANA. As a trusted partner with a long-standing relationship, Zentrix was brought on board to upgrade their finance and HR reporting platform, ensuring business continuity and zero operational downtime

SCT Logistics welcomes customer-facing self-service reporting portal

Zentrix and SCT Logistics teamed up to deliver innovative solutions to improve productivity, gain valuable business insights and enhance customer satisfaction in the commercial freight industry.

New Zealand Department of Corrections Reporting

A New Era of Data-Driven Decisions: New Zealand Department of Corrections Empowers its HR Department with a Modern Data Warehouse Keeping the community safe is a top priority for the New Zealand Department of Corrections, and managing the rehabilitation of offenders within its 17 prisons requires a wealth of data and insights. With over 7,500 incarcerated individuals and 30,000 community sentences, the HR department had a tall order to fill. The department was looking for a solution that could streamline their reporting processes and provide them with real, reliable, and accurate data.

Zimmer Biomet broadens analytics adoption with Power BI

Zimmer Biomet worked with Zentrix to deliver a world-class Power BI based reporting solution used by over 500 staff covering sales, inventory and service. The medical technology giant has improved patient outcomes and saved millions of dollars in the process.

    Sparking Innovation Through Simplicity: The Zentrix Story

    In 2014 a client asked us to build a SQL Server reporting solution based on data from SAP. They were having great challenges getting data out of SAP due to the sheer size of the data. Part of the project was to find a tool to extract data from SAP in real time to feed the reporting solution. Using a third-party product, we were able to move huge amounts of SAP data without impacting their SAP system. We then built a Data Warehouse and Reporting Solution to meet their needs which was a great success. This Sparked the idea that other companies must also be having the same problem and Zentrix was born. It is our mission to help customers get the most out of their SAP data using simple and effective integration tools paired with innovative reporting such as Microsoft Power BI.

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