The SAP Data and Reporting Specialists


Unfortunately, SAP BI tools don’t always deliver the efficiency, real time data, and the self service reporting your business needs.

In today’s world, utilising your data effectively is critical to stay competitive, but more importantly real time data that you can rely upon to make informed decisions is essential to stay ahead of the game.

With modern data platforms and tools such as Power BI we can implement informative business dashboards, self-service reporting and provide easy access to every bit of information in your SAP system.


Supports any size SAP product

Experienced, innovative, progressive market leader in Business Intelligence

Zentrix has over 18 years’ experience, continuing to be at the forefront of the Enterprise BI industry.

We are a progressive and innovative Australian company with a strong grounding in enterprise level data governance and security at the foundation of everything we do.

Specialised SAP and Microsoft Partner

We are both an SAP and Microsoft Partner, giving us knowledge to optimise both platforms. We specialise in the integration of SAP into the Microsoft suite to make it accessible and familiar, so you can bet we know SAP inside and out!

Being one of only a few companies that specialise in SAP integration, we have spent years building and perfecting a platform that enhances your ERP solution to create the ultimate BI system for big business.

Remove processing load from your SAP system by eliminating the need for extractors

We know businesses can make better decisions when they have access to real time data and reporting. That’s why we created the Zentrix Enterprise Solution, with out of the box dashboards for quick results and the power to deep dive into analytics when it counts.


Data security and governance

Your data is safe at all times with the highest levels of governance and security

We specialise in providing seamless access to SAP data with we do it with precision, expertise, and rigour to put our clients back in control.
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